It is not always easy to find great investment opportunities, it requires a nose to find them and a willingness to make them. To make it easier for us to find these opportunities, companies like Racer Capital Group help you to find these opportunities in other countries where it is not so easy to find them mainly because of the distance and knowledge of the environment.

Racer Capital Group, is positioned as an investment consultant based mainly in Spain, where the number of investment opportunities have recently grown and this has led investors from many countries to approach and bet on the area in the real estate sector.

Here are 4 reasons why these investors find it attractive to invest in this country:

1 The economy is improving every year

Despite the latest political movements, the Spanish economy is growing year after year, growing by 3.6% in 2016 and with very positive forecasts for 2018. Some of the strongest indicators, such as employment, point to a strong increase in purchasing power, debt reduction and interest in new acquisitions.

2 Property prices will go up

Prices have not stopped growing since the economic crisis that preceded the current situation and it is known with certainty that there is still no room to reach the prices before the crisis as well as to resemble countries with stronger economies such as the English, French or German.

As a symptom of this increase in property value, international investors have begun to see enormous potential for their investments and professions in Spain, as Spain is also home to the headquarters of more than 70% of the large international companies.

On the other hand, banks are offering mortgage loans and companies such as Airbnb are accelerating this increase in property value as rents have increased considerably in most cities.

3 Ideal for doing business

Both Madrid and Barcelona are well known for providing spaces for major international fairs such as FITUR or the Mobile World Congress. This brings thousands of professionals together each year to increase their networks and close deals.

Geographically it is located as a key intermediate location between Europe and America, which makes it a transit and connecting point for international flights and allows for easy mobility.

Latin America in particular has a strong business connection with Spain thanks to relationships based on trust and communication facilities.

4 Spanish quality of life

As a starting point, language is the most important aspect of doing business and feeling understood by both parties without the need for intermediaries. The culture and climate are also relevant, as the climate is probably the best climate in Europe and the closest to warm Latin climates, and the culture and society is among the most open and friendly in Europe. On the other hand, security in Spain is known to position Spain as a fairly safe country compared to other European countries such as Germany, France, Holland or the United Kingdom.

In education, despite the fact that public education is not as outstanding as in other countries such as Germany or Finland, Spanish private education is one of the best in the world in terms of business schools, with IE Business School and IESE Business School being the two best Spanish business schools recognised by the Financial Times as some of the best business schools in the world.

The Spanish health system is in the top ten worldwide. This is assured by a new report published in The Lancet magazine, which places Spain in eighth place in a ranking that ranks healthcare and access to healthcare in 195 countries around the world.

The Spanish government also accepts visas called GOLDEN VISA with the purchase of real estate assets over €500K, which allows it to speed up some processes.