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Our extensive, cosmopolitan and consolidated network with hundreds of international clients, as well as investment specialist allies located predominantly in Spain, and the US, and also in some places in Europe, Latin America, and Asia has allowed us to connect companies with clients in other countries. , and locate investors and financing for projects at both the state and private level.

We also provide our executive experts in planning and execution in the development of international projects from the conception of it to its completion.

RCG also has a team of professional advisors related to the purchase and sale of businesses and franchises established in the United States. We offer you hundreds of business opportunities in Miami and South Florida so that you can choose the one that best suits your investment needs. We offer a comprehensive accompaniment in all legal procedures of the process of purchasing franchises and companies.

We work with expert consultants in franchises in the United States and Latin America. We provide advice and support to our clients to identify business and investment opportunities that allow them to generate income in dollars and improve their quality of life. We focus on studying and identifying the needs of our clients before making any investment offer to give them the most convenient franchise or business alternatives, according to their specific profile, in a broad portfolio, with more than four hundred franchises in sixteen different economic sectors.

Participate in a business or investment project in Spain, the US, or Latin America, which allows you to generate income in euros or dollars, without having to emigrate from your country of residence.

Successfully start a business through a franchise that allows you to generate income in dollars and live legally in the US.

Our specialists are also experts in investment procedures, regulations, profitability, calculation of the average of expenses according to the selected city to establish the franchise, among other variables to consider for appropriate decision making.

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