According to a latest study carried out in Spain, the price of housing will increase by 10% in 2018.

The main affected by this increase will be the outskirts of the main cities of Madrid and Barcelona, although this change can also be seen in other cities such as Valencia, Malaga or Alicante as well as in the premium tourist resorts of second homes. Despite the fact that in recent years we have already seen the price of housing grow in Spain, the market will continue to grow at a stable and sustained rate, reaching record highs each year. This forecast is based mainly on the fact that the economy is doing well and that interest rates remain low.

According to the study, sales could rise to 20% this year because many families who live on rent will also buy properties thanks to the flexibility of banks that offer less demanding mortgages and by the rise in employment.

At Racer Capital Group, we encourage foreign investors to invest in properties in Spain in 2018. One of the biggest indicators is that Madrid has 4 times more demand than supply right now.

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