Legal Advisory


When dealing with real estate investments, it is very important to have specialized advice on legal matters. At RCG we have a team of lawyers specialized in controlling all investment procedures, in order to ensure that the property in which you are investing is free of legal problems, outstanding debts among others.

Our purpose is that, as an investor, you can feel safe making international investments; for this, we put our team of expert lawyers at your disposal.

Through our advice and management for almost a decade, hundreds of foreign entrepreneurs have invested and established their companies in Spain and the United States. We have helped to obtain the initial visa for the investors and their families, which is only the beginning of our professional relationship as we continue to guide them in the development of their future projects, so we enjoy the privilege of having long-term customers, who we help manage their investments abroad for many years.

* We process the Golden Visa that gives you automatic permission to reside in Spain.

* We process the E2 Investor visa that will allow you to live in the US and apply accordingly for the US citinzenship.

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